Privacy policy

Villa Panseiku rents accommodations to individuals and companies. In order to fulfill this objective, we ask for your personal information when you want to make a booking or use the contact form for further information.

Villa Panseiku handles your personal data with great care. Only the necessary personal data is collected and shared with others. Villa Panseiku takes technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your personal data and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Villa Panseiku and Personal Data
The GDPR states that you voluntarily share your personal data without any pressure and understand the purpose for which this personal data is requested. By using the reservation form, paying the invoice, or filling out the contact form, you provide valid consent to use your personal data for the specified purposes.
Therefore, all forms also request your consent for the processing of your personal data.

Your data is only used for your reservation, answering your inquiries, or including your review in the guestbook. Only the personal data necessary for a booking is retained for as long as required by law (including tax laws). Other personal data is destroyed as soon as possible.
No personal data is sold, such as for email marketing, and no user profiles are created. Villa Panseiku only uses digitalized data and does not keep paper archives.

What Personal Data Does Villa Panseiku Request and for What Purpose?
Villa Panseiku requests the following information for a rental agreement (booking): Name, address, postal code, city, phone number, and email address of the contact person.
When you use the contact form, you are asked to provide your name and email address.

Access, Correction, or Deletion of Your Personal Data
If you submit a written request to Villa Panseiku – while also verifying your identity – you can receive a written overview of the data known to Villa Panseiku about you. If any corrections need to be made, they will be applied and confirmed in writing. Your data can also be deleted upon written request and verification of your identity. You will receive written confirmation of this as well. Villa Panseiku complies with applicable tax legislation and adheres to the legal retention period for financial data.
If desired, organizations that have received your data for processing purposes will be requested in writing to delete your data.
If you feel that it is necessary because your rights or freedoms are not adequately guaranteed, you can file a substantiated complaint with the Data Protection Authority.

Retention Period of Personal Data
Your personal data is retained as long as necessary:

for accountability in accordance with tax legislation.
Specifically, this means the following:
If you enter into a rental agreement with Villa Panseiku, your data will be retained in accordance with tax legislation.
If your reservation request cannot be fulfilled, your data will be destroyed after 14 days.
The personal data on the contact form (your name and email address) will be destroyed after 14 days unless a rental agreement is concluded.

With Which Parties Does Villa Panseiku Share Personal Data?
Villa Panseiku distinguishes between actively using your personal data and having access to your personal data. Your data is used for assessing and processing your booking. Access to your personal data is only granted for organizational purposes, such as resolving digital issues.

Personal data for a booking or information request is used by:

Villa Panseiku itself
The bank of Villa Panseiku for transfers
The accountant of Villa Panseiku
The house manager of Villa Panseiku
The following have access to personal data:

The hosting company
The webmaster, to the extent relevant for resolving technical issues and maintaining the website, including security.
The Tax Authorities (upon request)

Villa Panseiku takes the security of your personal data seriously and implements appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, and unauthorized alteration.

The security of personal data is ensured through physical security of the SSL certificates provided by the hosting company, logical and physical (access) security, and equipment security. Measures such as patch management, regular software updates and backups, automatic deletion of outdated data, and data encryption are implemented.
Processing agreements in accordance with the GDPR are concluded with all relevant third parties. If third parties cannot be considered as “data processors,” they have declared themselves “GDPR compliant.”
Organizational processes are also maximally adjusted for security. Locally stored data is kept on a password-protected computer.

In the absence of the data controller of Villa Panseiku, the room where the computer and paper archives are located is locked.
All email communication is conducted via secure webmail provided by Strato.

Contact Information for Villa Panseiku
You can contact Villa Panseiku using the following contact details:
Phone number: +31 6 14 13 87 73


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